Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tips for Choosing a Life Insurance Company

More than 150 insurance companies offer thousands of life insurance products in the UK. Choosing the right company and right product from this bewildering choice is challenging.

Health Insurance

So there has been a big splash recently about CIGNA denying a liver transplant to a girl who was in liver failure. I first found out about it from Jason Calacanis. Apparently CIGNA is an evil bad company that is only out to make money.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Getting insurance to cover Abraxene??????

Has anyone had any luck making their insurance co cover a switch to Abraxene due to Taxotere (or others) not working?Blessings...Angie.,18855,0.htm

DOJ Insurance Fraud Unit

DOJ Insurance Fraud Unit - Taking a Bite Out of Insurance Fraudsters.

motorcycle insurance links by Elite Security supplies your one ...

Great deals on motorcycle security chains, ground anchors and we have an increasing range of house, garage and personal alarms too.

Evans et al v. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company et al

Mississippi Southern District Court. Insurance. Filed: November 29, 2007. Plaintiff: Sammie Evans, Shirley Evans Defendant: Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, John and Jane Does AG.

auto insurance adding driver requirement

auto insurance cornwall ontario car insurance for 18 year old male car insurance average prices california car insurance quote auto insurance company codes car insurance virginia auto insurance company rating auto insurance aarp ...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Health Insurance Videos up at

We’ve got our first multimedia content hosted at YouTube. The two videos were taken last Thursday at a local chamber of commerce event.

Q3 2007 Gevity Earnings Conference Call - Final - Insurance News ...

This compares with just over 141000 as at 30, June, a reduction of 4% during the quarter. This shows that our management team is creating the right environment necessary for our teams to succeed.

Car Insurance - Inflated Quotes Costs Consumers Millions Yearly

Even though lower car insurance quotes are occurring through competition from warring insurance companies vying for new business, as well as increasing online quote houses, millions of consumers are still paying dramatically more for ...

Florida insurance agent

Your typical Florida insurance agent isn’t the same as the double oh seven types in this Esurance commercial, but they can still be very helpful for those that are looking for a good insurance policy that fits their needs and their ...

Fire and insurance

Does full coverage normally cover fires? It's looking like I'm going to lose my car today. I have renters insurance for my personal belongings, but I'm hoping my car is covered too.

Insurance giant jobs fear

AVIVA, the parent group of Norwich Union have today announced plans to slash annual costs by £350million meaning jobs could be under threat.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

1:2007cv00254 - American Family Mutual Insurance Company v. Bower ...

Case Number: 1:2007cv00254. Indiana Northern District Court. - Insurance. Filed: October 11, 2007. Plaintiff: American Family Mutual Insurance Company; Defendant: Jonathan L Bower, II, Michael Bower, Anne Bower, Church on Fire The, GLB.

Why Need An Insurance

Shopping around for multipolicy and multifamily discounts, and even increasing the deductible are ways to find lower insurance costs.

Travel Insurance With A Difference!

Checking the small print in your travel insurance policy to see that you are covered to do what you intend to do whilst on holiday is essential before you go.

Shop Around For Cheap Motor Insurance

... then it is essential that you get several quotes for the cover if you want to get the cheapest insurance.

Clinton proposes mandatory health insurance for Americans

Filed under: General Health. Sometime today, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton will suggest a required amount of insurance for all US citizens -- and cost the federal government about $110 billion.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Travel Insurance : Various Options Are Available

by Allan Elvin Travelling, whether you are on tour to any domestic or out shore location, includes uncertainties. Thus it is important that we keep all the eventuality in mind before we take off a trip.

Are You Going Bare? If so, get some insurance!

I received my renewal information for my legal malpractice insurance policy in the mail yesterday. I may lower the deductible on the policy this year from $2500 to $1500 or $1000.

Making Sense Of Those Car Insurance Policies And Terms

... the various types of available insurance. Basically, there are six different parts of an insurance policy. Some of them are mandatory when you purchase car insurance, and some may be optional.

Home Insurance Leads

Due to high-profile events related to natural calamities, home insurance has now become a very competitive and profitable market.

How to Select an Auto Insurance Broker

Every state requires that you have at least liability (and sometimes full coverage) insurance coverage on your car.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Life Insurance SIZE MATTERS!

It is often the moment many of us dread – climbing on to the scales to find out the truth about our weight. For some of us, it might have been years since we placed ourselves on the scales.


In the 19th. century, Lloyd's and the Institute of London Underwriters (a grouping of London company insurers) developed between them standardised clauses for the use of marine insurance, and these have been maintained since.

Senate Panel Advances Children's Insurance Bill

A Senate committee yesterday approved a five-year, $35 billion expansion of a children's health-insurance program that would be financed through higher tobacco taxes.

Point Insurance July 14, 2007 2:37 pm

Deutsche Bank, BlackRock Fight for $1 Billion of Insurance Fees Bloomberg - Jul 12, 2007 By hiring Deutsche Bank the company plans to raise its investment yield by 1 percentage point at no extra cost, which would add 0.7 percentage ...

Homeowner Insurance - Save Where You Can

Homeowner Insurance - Save Where You Can There are many things you can do when it comes to saving on the cost of your homeowner's insurance...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Children’s health insurance coverage expanded in Louisiana

More uninsured children will be eligible for state-subsidized health insurance if legislation passed by the Louisiana Senate is signed. The House has already approved HB 542. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Monica Walker and Sen.

8 Essentials Of Auto Insurance

Every year there comes a time when the Auto Insurance comes up for renewal. Or you get a windfall and decide to treat yourself to a new car and need to purchase vehicle insurance.

Governor Sanford signs coastal insurance bill on Grand Strand - WPDE

Governor Sanford signs coastal insurance bill on Grand StrandWPDE, SC - 1 hour agoThe bill should lower insurance costs for coastal homeowners. The governor says first it will make insurance more accessible, and then more affordable.

An Annual Insurance Checkup Can Save You Money Without Hurting ...

As we go through life, our insurance needs change.

Discount Insurance on Hybrid Cars

Los Angeles, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 17, 2005–The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies announced it is the first in the US to offer an insurance discount to customers who own a hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't buy cellphone insurance

This is why I do not buy cell phone insurance along with the $50 deductible.

Life Insurance

Life insurance or life assurance is a contract between the policy owner and the insurer, where the insurer agrees to pay a sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured’s death.

Cheap Georgia Auto Insurance

Compared to the rest of the United States, Georgia is regarded as one of the most affordable when it comes to auto insurance. Statistics show that the average annual auto insurance expenditures in Georgia totals around $900.

Term Life Insurance Quote | About ChoiceQuote (Term life insurance ...

Term Life Insurance Quote | About | Term Life Insurance - Instant Online Quotes JUST DISCOVERED US? Actually, we're not new to direct-to-consumer insurance.

New State Drug Plan Helps Those Without Insurance


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Insurance Positions ( Miles City, MT US )

INSURANCE POSITIONS POLICY SERVICES UNDERWRITING CLAIMS Incredible career opportunities now open with a great new MT workers' comp insurance company located in Miles City.

Here's a question for your health insurance company:

How come Viagra is covered under most health insurance plans, but women's contraceptives are not?

AARP Recreational Vehical Insurance Program

Whether it's your boat, motorhome, classic car, ATV, personal watercraft, snowmobile, golf cart or other recreational vehicle, The AARP Recreational Vehicle Insurance Program from The Hartford can provide you coverage.

Selling Insurance On Shares

How Selling Insurance Work. Selling Insurance Is Equivalent To What Finance Gurus Call “Selling Puts”; The Selling Insurance/”Selling Puts” Strategy Allows You To Make Money When The Market Is Flat OR Going Up.

Blumenthal criticizes Conn. Dept. of Insurance

HARTFORD, Conn. - Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has already scored numerous multi-million-dollar settlements with insurance companies.

Recent Goings-On In My Life: Renewed Injury, Insurance, Civil ...

A lot has gone on in my life these past two weeks, focusing on the three topics listed in this posting's header. It all started with my waking up last Tuesday morning (13 March 2007) and trying to get out of bed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

insurance denied doctors prescription

Forum: Worker's Compensation Benefits Posted By: paininthe Post Time: 03-16-2007 at 04:37 PM.

Payment protection insurance can make a crucial difference to your ...

As one of life's basic financial needs, insurance can cover a range of different aspects.

Transportation Insurance Broker

Our website contains the most current data on transportation insurance broker , with a complete compilation of informative articles and reviews. We have articles and commentary about transportation insurance broker and related topics.

Anyone know about homeowners insurance?

Forum: Fishtown / Northern Liberties / Kensington Posted By: EmilyS Post Time: 02-21-2007 at 12:54 PM.

Car Insurance Quote Canada

Learn about car insurance quote canada and its significance in past years and what it may mean to you today. It is very cheap travel insurance america and will help increase your homeowners insurance quote arizona in many ways.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Comment on Progressive Insurance Big ACLU Donor by employee

I just came across this site and had to send something in. Why would Progressive wish to donate to the ACLU when they are in a racial discrimination suit?? What a nice cover that seems to be.

Progressive Car Insurance Quote

The idea of progressive car insurance quote is becoming more attractive and viable for many people today, and it may be a good option for you, too.

health insurance! act now

Talk to a professional regarding health insurance for your business, family or just yourself. I will find the coverage that suits your needs and your budget. 713-269-4556.

French Property Insurance

French Property Insurance. A second home does not mean it requires only second-rate insurance. Say for example, you bought a property in France.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


CONTACT: Tara Klimek or Nina Banister (850) 413-2842. Unlicensed agent sold fake cards for $100 each.

Life Insurance Carriers Struggle with Automating the Underwriting ...

maybe this will be of some help Many US life insurance industry executives believe their respective companies are late adopters in regard to the automation of the life insurance underwriting process, according to a 2006 survey conducted ...

Car Insurance

For most of my visitors here, I can bet that most of you are in the age range of 13-25. Not all, but I can guess that this is my target base of readers. If I am wrong, please feel free to e-mail me.

What do you think of my insurance coverage?

PricePlus, Where have you found reasonable rates on LTD?

Insurance and you

I'm quite certain most of us working adults have bought insurance for respective purposes - personal, health, home and car. We buy insurance to feel 'secure' and to ensure a certain of level if anything goes wrong.

Oolitic's insurance rates going down

By DIANA WIRES, OOLITIC — Starting in March, the 1123 residents of Oolitic should be paying less for...

AM Best upgrades Arch Insurance Company Ltd.'s Ratings

AM Best Co. has upgraded the financial strength rating of Arch Europe to A from A-, according to a press release. [Full Story]

Save Big On Your Car Insurance Policy with Auto Insurance Discounts.

With the rising costs there are things that can work in the customer's favor to lower their car insurance policy rate.

Insurance - do you need it?

When I got my new desktop computer I signed up for the insurance package that goes with it.

Schwarzenegger's socialist insurance plan

On January 8th, the AP reported something quite interesting. Gov.